Girls is seeing your boyfriend for 2 days enough during school or would you prefer longer?

Schools starts up again for me Monday and i have a busy semester. I told my girlfriend we can see each other 2 times a week. That seems ok with me. She wasn't too happy (her facial expression). She is in nursing and i know she is busy too. I think 2 times a week is ok. We tect each other basically everyday and call too. As a girl would 2 times a week be ok with you?


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  • I would prefer more often but if he's busy with school then I would understand and happily take what I can get. I wish I could see my boyfriend 2 days a week but currently we only see each other about once every two weeks. With certain circumstances in relationships, you just have to do what you can.

    • I'm really busy and so is she. I have 7 classes this semester so it's pretty tough to make time. She is in nursing so she is real busy too. She wants to see me more but if we see each other for 2 hours only, it turns into 5 hours hanging out lol. But i think i might talk to her again about it. I just want her to me ok with it. Calling is not problem either, i always listen to her "how my day went" stories :p

    • Lol yeah, I'm sure it will be fine. You can talk to her again about it if you want but ultimately, it's just for one semester so, it's not like it's a permanent situation.

    • Yeah, maybe i can fit in 3 days, i'll see lol

  • I only see my boyfriend every weekend and sometimes not even that often. He's a class ahead of me so he's at the high school and I'm at the grade school. We do talk on the phone most every night. It used to be enough and we just got used to it and lived with it and cherished our time together. Now something has changed (don't know what) but maybe if we get to see each other more often it'll change back. I don't know. My point is, 2 days a week would be a pleasant gift.

  • Do you guys go to the same school?

    • same city but im in my last year in college and she has 1 more year to go in nursing. After this year i will switch over to uni where she is

    • Well, twice a week is a luxury I don't have. My boyfriend lives 3 1/2 hours away, I wish I could see him twice a week. Try to make your girlfriend understand that you're busy and need more time to dedicate to your GPA/school/extracurriculars etc. As long as you promise to make every time you guys can see each other more than just hanging out in the library or grabbing lunch, what's the issue. I'm sure she will see your side of it. :)

    • yeah i talked to her tonight and everything is ok :)

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