How to Tell This is a Date or Just a Hangout?

Okay. So a few months ago I re-connected with a guy I used to talk to in High School on Facebook. I probably hadn't spken to him in about 8 years. I'm a couple of years older than him, so after I graduated we stopped talking when I went away for school. And then I ended up moving to another state, and he still lives in the same area. We weren't in a relationship or anything, we were just very fond of eachother.

Well he told me a couple of days ago that he will be in town for work next weekend, and that he wanted to meet up with me. He said that if I'm free and if he isn't too tired (he is going to be working long days) that we will definitely get together. It's hard to tell if it's a date because he has a lot of female friends and he is a very social person. But I know for sure that he finds me attractive, and we are both single. Is there any way to tell if it's a date? I'm scared to ask because if he says no I'll feel like an idiot. Thanks in advance guys!


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  • Mention the word date in some way.

    • So the next time we talk, figure out a way to incorporate the word date and gauge his response?

    • Like "so what are we gonna do on our date" or whatever. Something like that. Try to think of it yourself.
      If you haven't yet, then ask him out and say it's a date.

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