Is he ghosting me? Still likes my Facebook posts?

i met a guy a few months ago and we've been getting on really well. We have so much in common and can talk on the phone for hours without it being awkward. Things were going really well and he was telling me how much he really liked me and that he saw us having a future etc. I said I felt the same. This was on Boxing Day. A couple of days later he deleted his whatsapp app without saying anything. I have his number and am on his Facebook though so it's no big deal. I sent him "happy new year 😊😊 xx" and he replied "you too 😉 Xx" on Facebook messenger. That's the last I've actually talked to him because he doesn't reply. He liked a status I posted about new year and also one I posted two days ago about how I had booked flights to Amsterdam. (We had both been talking about how much we love the country) He does have a tendency to not reply for up to a week or more sometimes and did admit he was a bit unreliable.

My question is: if he was ghosting me, would he still be liking things on my Facebook? I really want to just ask him outright but I don't want to be all needy either.


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  • yeah. ghosting sucks.


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