Guys, Guys in high school, how would you feel about being sent a love letter?

If someone wrote down their feelings for you in a letter and gave it to you through a friend, what would you think of the sender? Would you show the letter to your friends to read?

  • Having to write a letter is childish.
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  • I would think the sender was a coward.
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  • I would be flattered.
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  • If I was young, I might have been immature and showed it to friends. However, even when I was young, I know that I would have cherished the letter and kept it even to this day even if I was not really interested in the girl. I would have definitely talked to her in private at some point although, being young, I might have been scared a bit (I was not very brave when it came to girls when I was in high school).

    Given my 53-year old (more confident and experienced) personality in the body of a teenager though, again, I would cherish the letter and I would seek out the girl to talk to her more about it in private. We didn't have cell phones when I was a kid, so we would actually have to go up and talk to the person, but, today, I guess I would first text her if I knew her number or ask a girlfriend of hers for her number. In that text, I'd invite her to talk, in person, somewhere in private and take it from there.

  • That would be the most flattering thing ever and would make my day.
    ... as long as I liked the girl.

    • And if you didn't?

    • Well, if she was a girl I didn't really know, or that I could like, I might ask her out.

      If she was a bitch or too ugly, I'd have to say no (or just ignore). Which would be pretty hard.

  • I would be flattered. And I'd keep it to myself, and I'd talk to them, regardless of whether I felt something for them or not.

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