Girls honestly no bs?

My ex left me because she said she outgrew me (we'd fight a lot) & said she didn't even know about me anymore but will like to stay friends. To be honest she was the best girlfriend i ever had. Not to mention really beautiful (idk if i'll ever find someone like her). She also had a friend that'll tell her bad stuff about me as in "he's a bum leave him". Once i heard about this friend i went off on her friend. I called her a bietch etc. After my ex said how she felt i admitted i slept with an old ex while on our last break up since i wanted to know if she was seeing/slept with someone. I guess she got jealous and said "only one girl? is that all hot stuff ".

Needless to say my girlfriend said to f off and to never bother again. It's been 8 months since we talked. The other day we bumped into e/o in a parking lot and she flicked me off and sped away in her car. Honestly i'm going crazy w/o her. I miss her lots. What should i do & do you think she got jealous or was hurt?


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  • Lol sorry dude but lmao she flipped you off in public. she's done with you. I don't know what to tell you


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