Should I date my Best Friend or a guy I want to get to know better?

There is this guy and we've know each other for like 3 years and he's always really liked me and we've dated twice before but I broke up with him both times, however, I love talking to him and hanging out with him he's like my guy best friend so I was thinking of gettng together with him again but then there is also this other guy and we met last year but didn't become friends till about 2 weeks ago but he really liked me and I really liked him so we dated for almost a week but then I broke up with him but he still really likes me and we've haven't really hung out yet but I do love talking to him and I was thinking about getting back together with him 2 so my question is who would it be better to date? A guy I've been really good friends with for awhile or a guy I want to get to know better? If you were in my situation which would you choose?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Why do you keep breaking up with them? Maybe the choice isn't in your hands because they feel like you're very insecure with who you date.
    None of them and wait and see a little longer. Being single doesn't kill you


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What Guys Said 2

  • Id probably never broken up with him 2 times if I were you. Why did you break up?

    • Because we go to different schools and almost never get to see each other

    • So can't you have dates outside of school? Dances? Movies?

    • Yea but not very often because his parents are strict

  • Go with best friend


What Girls Said 2

  • Why do you keep breaking up with them? I guess guy #2 since you have less to lose with him (logically)

  • Neither. Get yourself together girl! Figure out who it's gonna be. Spend some time with both.