He's warming up to me, but does he like me? or is he just being friendly?

I met a cute guy in my gym classes that im slowly getting to know. We have two mutual gym friends. I tried to befriend him, but at first, he was not responsive to my attempts to make conversation. However, I think he's warming up to me. Now we talk whenever we see each other at the gym. We sometimes talk before class, but we always talk after class. he's always asking me questions such as what i like to do on my days off, what my plans for the rest of the day are, how often I come to the gym, etc... Id say we are starting to become really good friends. Before we started talking, I noticed him at the gym on Saturdays, but lately he hasn't been there on Saturday. Yesterday, I asked him why he doesn't come to the gym on Saturdays anymore, and he said its because the classes are in the morning and he doesn't like waking up early. He then asked if I go on Saturdays, and I said I usually do, and that he should come. I was hoping he would start coming again but expected that he wouldn't. To my surprise, he showed up to class this morning! But I didn't know he was here this morning because he came late and stood in a different part of the room than he usually stands because the class was packed. He came to find me after class, and we exited the gym together.
Im starting to like him, and am wondering if he likes me. It looks promising, but im not sure.


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  • He likes you enough to get up early for you so wait to see what happens next