Got the "not interested but we can still be friends if you want" for the first time?

Had coffee with girl I was interested in earlier today. Pretty sure I just messed up on the date saying things I shouldn't have said cause she was saying some flirty things throughout our conversation at first. She was also talking all about how she loved how I asked her out and how bold it was. I then ask her if she is free on the weekend and she says she never knows then goes on to say that she "doesn't want to lead me on" cause she's not interested in a relationship but can still be friends if I want.

Texted her tonight saying thanks and that it was nice chatting with her and she says "I hope we can hangout again soon sometime."

Could I be being tested
Shall I ask to hangout again next week and try again to build a relationship (maybe she will find more about me that she likes)
I've never been "friendzoned" before


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