Guys, would I look like a fool if I message him?

I was seeing a guy for awhile, he told me from the beginning he wanted a long term relationship and would end it with me as soon as he didn't see a future. He had introduced me to his friends (he lives on his own so went out of his way to introduce me) and I would always stay at his and we would do fun things. He introduced me to more of his friends and then 3 days later I saw a girl post on his Facebook and they were majorly flirting back and forth. I had texted him straight away to say we needed to talk and he said we could meet up and kept putting kisses and stuff on the end of it. I didn't have time to meet up as it was Christmas Eve at this point so he said lets talk on the phone about it. I asked him again what it was that he wanted because at the start he wanted a relationship. He said he didn't know and was confused because a part of him wants a relationship with me but isn't sure if he's ready to settle down and I asked about the girl on his Facebook and he said they had hung out a few times (she posts about sex, choking and hating guys). I told him that we should end things completely then because I can't wait around and he kept saying he'll be in touch when he wants a relationship. We ended on okay terms he kept messaging me saying I'm amazing and that he told this girl he doesn't want a relationship and said he misses me and my company and I told him I miss him too but I need to do what's best for me. We haven't spoken in a week but I still see this girl commenting on his stuff and they talk back and forth. He snap chats me daily but we haven't text in a week.

I miss him so much and just want to message and ask how things are and just have a general chat. Would I be a fool? How would it look? I want to just see him for like an hour and just talk to him again not do anything but just talk. Would that be wrong?

advice and opinions wanted!

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  • who gives a fuck! he will be happy to hear from you.