He's younger than me, is dating a younger guy (7 years apart) better or worse?

I'm curious about your experiences.


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  • my 2 cents: initially they might conquer you with their extra enthusiasm, love for life, super stamina, and overall positive/unspoiled attitude, but yeah it gets old pretty soon - when you realize their level of immaturity and how they're trying to live off some 'ideal' they've never experienced in reality.. well, you're probably one of their first attempts at that kind of experiment, lol. I'd say it's better if you just look at the 'fun' part, but it's much worse if you're expecting to be somehow understood. 'enjoy it while it lasts', at the end of the day

    • I feel he's using me as a relief crutch

    • if that's how it makes you feel, and there are no pros for yourself, I don't see why you should keep dating him then.

    • Thanks for your advice

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  • We pedo now lol Hell I never even ask their age, go for it OP


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