Out of these scenarios which is more approachable?

Basically this goes for guys and girls
Who would you most likely approach in these scenarios?

  • Seeing the guy/girl in a book shop
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  • Seeing the guy/girl in the club
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  • Seeing the guy/girl in the mall
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  • Seeing the guy/girl at a social gathering (friends of friends type of thing)
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  • Seeing the guy/girl in the store
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  • Seeing the guy/girl on the beach
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Well I don't go to clubs so that's out.
    Most girls in malls are in groups and I wouldn't approach a girl if she's with five other girls.
    I don't go to social gatherings so that's off.
    Most people are in a hurry in the store and have no time but it is a possibility is she's searching for the same item as I am and I can start a conversation from it.
    Approaching on the beach is an huge risk as you run the risk of being labeled a creep or pervert.


Most Helpful Girl

  • In a book shop for me.
    I am ALL about books. Fuckin love books.
    When I am surrounded by books, the smell of them comforts me as does just being there with so many.
    I am usually very shy when it comes to talking to people I don't know. But I know if I was in a book shop/library I would have all the confidence. I'd feel as if I know who I am, I know what I want, and I'm going to get what I want.

    If it was anywhere else I would be WAY too shy to approach them.


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  • I think I would be most comfortable with D (social gathering with friends) - In all the scenarios I don't think I ever approached anybody in a romantic sense but through accident or friends or they approached me I may have flirted (that is way too strong a word) - I just end up in situations when I am getting on with someone in a romantic sense and I am never sure how it happened.

  • "Seeing the guy/girl at a social gathering (friends of friends type of thing)" Cuz it's easier to befriend her that way... while taking it from there.

  • Lol I've never tried the book shop before, but where is All of the Above button? lol

  • Anywhere where I have enough alcohol to get over my shyness and social anxiety 😂

  • None.

    Seeing a girl in a brothel is the only valid option.


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