Does he love me? Why wouldn't he be with me?

Known him for 10 years, we had sex the night we met. Since then we stay in touch. He met my family but he wouldn't date me.

Since then he had many girlfriends, he wouldn't stop seeing me even while he is with them. He wouldn't bring them to meet me either. He would take me out to dinner once every 2 months or so. He would post our where about online but not with his girls

His most recent girlfriend post a lot of their stuff online, yet he never actively post their where about.

They broke up recently and he invited me to his place for dinner, he cooked for me so I posted that and he approved the picture which I suspect he is hiding it from this girl.

Why wouldn't he be with me? Why is he hiding the post from her? He already dumped her?


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  • I'm sorry but if he really is into you he wouldn't have let you go.

    He probably sees you as a safety net, it protects him from getting hurt from his love life.

    From what you have describe your friend could be a commitment phobe, he wants to feel like he has options and reason why he meet your family but not his girlfriend could be because he knows he will never have any commitment with you that's why he is relaxed to meet them.

    • Yep ^ this

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    • I'm not exactly sure why he never dated her seriously but they've been doing this thing for over five years. She doesn't cause him drama or expect anything from him as she doesn't want to be with him either and dates other guys.

      Either way though it isn't a healthy situation to be in for either of them or the people they date. Your guy sounds even worse because he is cheating on them with you. Weather you know it or not you are distracted and not giving your full attention to the other guys you date that might be a really good match if you weren't invested elsewhere.

      Him in your life= you will never be happy. 😕

    • @sjoes006

      Your guy sounds like a commitment phobe. He may or may be or slept with her but he is holding on to her to protect his freedom. He doesn't even realize that.

      There's probably something he doesn't like about her and know he can never commit to her and made him feel safe to spend time around her.

      She also serves as a distraction from falling too hard for you. As love scares them. Commitment phobe cannot deal with their own emotions.

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  • because he's using you as a 2nd best option for when he's got nothing better to do and no one more 'interesting' to date. that's not love, that's called 'putting someone on the backburner'. if you wish to find happiness, please stop seeing/contacting him and move on, date other guys!

    • he actively posts our where abouts but he wouldn't do that to his girlfriends. he also posted my photos but never his girlfriends photos.

      he met my family but he wouldn't meet their family? What you think about these sign? I heard some of his ex asked him to drop me and he dropped them instead

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    • He is dating his most recent ex again. He still have her on limited profile on Facebook. I'm sure they will break up again soon

    • Whomever he dates now has nothing to do with his feelings towards you. he chose to go back to her and he is not dating you.

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  • He's not into you, he just likes you being around. Trust, if he really wanted to be with you, it wouldn't have taken ten years!!

    • Why would he meet my family but not his girlfriend's family? He wouldn't hang out with their friends but he would come and hang out with mine?

      Also he hides my post from his latest ex... she probably sees me as a threat cos he is into me?

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    • @sjoes006 I agree. Seems like she's his go to girl. Scratch like, he's just "used" to her being around.

    • @sjoes006 You hit the nail on the head there.

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