How can I recover after I put too much pressure on a date?

This girl heard about me through a friend and wanted to meet me in spite of the fact that I am leaving interstate next week.
I was truly mesmerised by her and didn't want it to just disappear when I leave interstate, and I didn't think we'd be able to see each other again because we're both so busy, so I felt pressured and said "long distance relationships are hard, but I'm willing to risk it for someone as special as you".
There was a quick hug and she wanted to run away after that! I said "I don't normally rush things like this, but I"m only saying this because I don't think we can see each other before I leave as we're both busy, so I thought I'd tell you what's on my chest right now".
2 days later, no text, so I sent a follow up text in a very neutral tone - "it was great meeting you the other day. Have a great day".
Still no reply the next day.
What can I do?


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  • Maybe she's had second thoughts. You said to her, "long distance relationships are hard, but I'm willing to risk it for someone as special as you". so she may have meditated on that thought, and realised that long- distance relationships need twice the effort. So doesn't want to risk the effort incase it's too much pressure for her.

    If she likes you a lot she might think that the
    short-. term hurt of not pursuing a relationship with you will is better than going through the long- term pain she'd face if it didn't work out. 😊

    On the other hand, she might still respond to you. She might have genuine reasons for her not messaging you yet. 😊

    • I wonder why she wanted to meet me in spite of me making it clear that I'm going interstate :(
      Do you think I overdid it? Should I send a follow up text or just leave it and assume she's not interested if she doesn't get back to me within the next week?

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    • I just hate cowards who disrespect people who are respectful and genuine towards them.
      This girl was beautiful and probably just wanted to use me as a meal ticket.

    • Thank you for the MHO ❤

      Yeah, I thinks it's rude and disrespectful not to let someone know if they want see you again , or keep in contact.

      The sad thing is, when you come across people like that it tends to make you more guarded with other people

      . You are better off without her because she's proven she's unreliable. Take care x 😊💗

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  • She probably couldn't handle the pressure. I say you should stop texting her & wait for her to text you. Give her a chance to text you back before you send another message.

    • sounds like i effed it up.. don't think she'll message me :(

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    • Yeah I say just leave it but then again you should fight for someone you want. It's like I don't know, you do whatever you think you should do. If you do text her that don't text her anymore after that!

    • Thanks. She deleted me from everything, so there's my answer! And I feel so much more free now :)

  • just wait and see if she comes back with some form of contact. after all, if you don't give her time&space to act, you'll never know if she might be truly interested. you did your part, so don't feel bad about it

    • Should I send a follow up text?
      Do you think I over did things?

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  • Just sounds like she's not interested. Maybe there was something about you that turned her off, maybe she doesn't want to do a long distance relationship, maybe it has nothing to do with you at all. It impossible to know

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