Can I get over my feelings for my best friend?

I've known her for years and just recently I have been starting to develop feelings for her but I don't want to act on them because I'm afraid I might lose her if we tried something and it didn't work out. So is there anything I can do to bury my feelings for her?


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  • See her less and less... don't stay in touch so much - your friendship may regress to a lower level, but it will help you not feel as much for her.
    You can't really keep the same level of friendship and try to get rid of feelings - not how it works. Even if you do get a girlfriend and keep the same level of friendship it will be weird - you'll just confuse yourself.


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  • I dont know who you are, but I have some ''problem'' its about my ''best friend'' and since you are a guy with that problem you might be able to help me?

    About your problem, I had some friends that liked me but they all told me they were perfectly fine and over it a few months later, I dont know if that was true but if they weren't lying it is possible to get over it without the distance.


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