Am I in denial? I keep coming back for more sex with this guy... That does NOT mean I am catching feelings, right 😵?

He and I are 21.
we met a little over a week ago; watched a movie; made out; had sex. He is the second guy I ever had sex with but I planned that I was going to have sex with him... I wanted to get some pleasure for myself. The sex was really great.. Like we both have the same energy. I told myself that was it; one night stand. Then a couple nights later we both wanted to do it again (I reached out to him). He was all for it. I swore that would be it... Then I found myself again craving him, and we have plans to do it again in a couple nights from now. Again, I reached out to him but he's always 100% down. He doesn't have sex with other women. He's a busy ahtlete, kinda goody-goody and doesn't go out much... Or party.. I SWEAR I don't like him. I mean, I can't possibly because we've literally only talked for 15 minutes before and after we have sex. I don't know him on a personal level so how can I develop feelings for him? Yet my friends are saying I caught feelings... But I just think I'm craving the sex and that's it, right?


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