Ask him out should i?

So I have this really good friend of mine but im not sure if i should ask him out! Lots of people tease both of us that we should go out!

We where planing truth with our friends once and they asked if one of us where to ask each out and he said yes but no and then he was like yes! But other times he says maybe!

I have liked him for about a year now and my feelings towards him keep getting stronger. We're good friends but im not sure if i should ask him out or no!

What should i do?
Should ask him out

And how do you ask someone out not to demanding and that?

  • Should ask him out
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  • Shouldn't ask him out and stay friends
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  • Ask if he likes me
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  • Wait a little you should. Try and figure out if his feelings are more than platonic you must. Before friendship ruin you may.

    (Your question was worded like the way yoda talks So I figured it should ve answered that way.)

  • I think you should ask him out, he is probably too shy to ask you, and guys usually like girls who take initiative ;)


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