Am I a bad boyfriend? If yes how do I change that?

I'm not directly aggressive towards my girlfriend but I have an estj personality and she is a typical Virgo (I dont believe in that crap but her sign matches her). Most of our dates go well and match socially, sexually, and can joke about our differences. Then there 15 percent of our dates where she loses her temper and I can simply tell her "to maybe slow down drinking for the night after she starts stumbling." She says i am controlling, a buzz kill, treat jer like crap, and am not romantic enough" she snaps and cries for hours. She calls her parents ranting about the same thing she just told me then when she gets off the phone will repeat her rant all night. I just sit quietly and let her talk avoid making it worse.


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  • you dont tell us what you do? or did I miss that point? I can only read that she is crying and all.. I dont know? is she a drama queen and just starts crying over nothing or are you controling?

    • Last night is the perfect example of our bad nights she met me at my apartment and we had a couple beers together before going to a party we were going to walk to. We were talking trash about the steelers game and it was fun. Then she got drunk to the point of she fell and I knownher well enough to tell when she had a few too many. I told her to slow down and she just went off. Screaming I'm an adult I can do what I want and we avoided eachother cause I knew she was pissed. Then when we got back to my apartment she cried and I tried to talk to her but knew I was making it worse and "sorry " didn't hell. I don't know why she got so emotional over my little comment but i left her alone.

    • well this is not you being a bad boyfriend. its sweet that you try to help her and keep the alcohol away from her.. when I was in a relationship with my ex for a month I kept drinking vodka as if it was water and no one stopped me. I thought he was a bad boyfriend for letting me drink so much while he knew I couldnt take it.

    • We broke up last night I think or just not talking because she wanted me to be there and talk so I tried then she freaked and wanted to be alone so intired to go in my room and give her space then she contained about me leaving her alone and I just said im done if you want to talk when we have clear heads and are sober we can but now itsnt the time to work this out. I called her three times and texted her as well but no reply so I am just going to the bar with a few friends to watch the NFL playoffs and clear my head.

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  • Has she recently gone on any birth control pills?
    That could be the answer to all of this - hormone imbalance.

    • She's has been on them for 6 months and she is happy around other people but she has those moments where she thinks I'm the devil. Like little moments in the comment i sent to the poster above she snaps and I can't do anything about it.

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    • I don't know I am really down about it all still and she could cool off and contact me tomorow. But today I'm going to a sports bar and hanging out with a couple friends while watching the NFL playoffs. I don't know I'm nkt ready to change my relationship status just yet and still have that hope lol.

    • I don't know what happened, but maybe it's on you to make the reconciling move.

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