Regarding Dating, what would you do differently now compared to your past?

I've been asking myself lately, "what would I do differently now regarding dating compared to dating when I was say, 20 years younger?"

Two things come to mind.

First, I would focus a bit less on physical attraction (although it is important) and a bit more on wether or not the lady and I have common interests and common values. I've come to realize over the years that interests such as hobbies, arts, and activity participation are important because these are the things we do when we are not at work of course.

Second, I would not just assume that if you "hit it off" well at first, that it is necessarily a good match and it will necessarily work out as a relationship. I think back in my younger adult years I'd assume that if the lady and I hit it off well that it would be something to pursue. I'd spend more time than I should have pursuing what would be a dead-end dating situation. Hitting it off well at first might show that there is some sort of connection and/or attraction, but there is a lot left out at first and it certainly isn't the complete picture.

Just reflecting on the past! Any thoughts?

Third, I'd probably be a bit quicker about getting out of a bad relationship. I can think of instances where I hung on and tried to work it out when ultimately it wasn't going to work out.


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  • Be less eager and excited when hitting it off with someone new. I've been disappointed a lot so it's best for me to hold back and not catch feelings until I know this is something that will last.


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  • I would be even more careful about getting involved, I'd do more homework on a person, be more willing to wait for someone who looked like a good prospect than just an attractive woman who was interested in me.


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