Is it possible to reconnect with a girl after a few weeks of no contact?

Alright, so I reached out to a girl a couple months ago. She was a friend of a friend and I figured, "I'll just add her and try to message her, whats the worst thing that can happen?" Went into it without thinking too much into it, (thats how it should be right? lol) Within that week she started reciprocating, in fact she started flirting with me first. We then started flirting with each other. I know this probably isn't her personality either because she isn't really outgoing or social. We learn that we had actually had a lot in common, things like her working literally down the street from me. (We both were interns in NYC and had to commute to and from the same school too.) In a city as big as NYC and commuting from out of state, having that in common was really an eye opener. We then started meeting up after work on some days and making the trip back to school for our classes. We would flirt occasionally in person too. This went on for maybe a month (seeing each other after work, texting, etc).

Winter break rolls around and she stopped answering my texts... its been a little over 2 weeks now of no contact (I tried twice, and no response) and i want to wait till were back in school to reach out to her again and hopefully pick up from where we left off.

What do you ladies/gents think? personal input would be great! Thanks.


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  • There must be a reason why she stopped contacting you
    Anyway since she didn't answer after trying twice
    DON'T send anymore messages
    DON'T call her until she calls/sends something...
    Maybe she's mad at you for something..
    Maybe she's trying some kind of game..
    Just keep calm and wait
    And if you would like try to meet someone new