How do you find love and keep it?

I'm a 20 yr old black male and I just called it quits with my ex. I m wondering this BC this is what I want most out of life. I've had some bad relationships in the past and I'm the signs when people doing stuff. My ex told me she would never cheat and lie to me. Her actions became suspicious to me one day and I asked her if she was talking to someone else and she got mad. Didn't deny it but instead hung up the phone on me. ever since she was acting funny. she use yo text me all day and want me to go to sleep with her on the phone lol but later she started telling me she was going to sleep and she would be up all night on Fb. She just started doing sketchy stuff. And another thing she was easy to leave me when she got mad. She wouldn't talk to me or block me on social media.. I don't know but I don't wanna give up on love. I feel like I love and mean it and most people go around faking it. But I feel like I ruin it to with my insecurities and my materialistic ness. You see I'm poor and all my life I've been stuck on the fact I don't have shit, I feel like I won't have anything ever. But I still try my best. I've mest up in the pastand its effecting me know but I'm trying to make up for it. I just want some support fr I dontbhave a FAM and I can't get a girlfriend that has some true real feelings for me


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  • 1. Find a girl you like
    2. Talk to her
    3. Do you like her personality?
    4. Does she like yours?
    5. Communicate with her?

    There's your recipe bro