He asks me 4 sex but is dating someone?

He's a flirt, but usually his flirting isbad puns and pick up lines 4 most girls. We're both 18. We flirted all the time. VERY sexually & wid nudes. I thought "hmm we probs will start going out," but then all a sudden he sent me a message saying he started going out wid a girl. I know the girl. She told me she doesn't want 2 date any 1 a couple days b4 I asked her if she had a thing wid him. He kept flirting with me the next day, and I flirted back bc I'm a hoe. its not harmless flirting. I thought maybe he was lying about her, but why would he lie? Am I helping him cheat on this girl he just started going out wid? Does he think that it's ok to do this? What do I do?

What is he doing? Is the real question


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  • Well some guys are just like big game hunters when it comes to getting women to have sex with them.. those types do not care a lot about the sex.. they treat them as trophies and want as many as they can get.. just so they can take their big egos and broadcast the fact to all their so called friends.. or friend as I do not think they have many.. if any

    • I've never had sex with him. he's a virgin!

    • You should just come right out and tell him point blank if you see this guy again that he is nothing but a looser. it does not matter if he is a virgin or not.. I would wonder why some women would even date this guy to start with

    • Apparently he was lying about the girl, trying to figure out if I was sexting multiple guys.

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  • He's being a player. Obviously if he's dating someone and you have sex with him then you are helping him cheat. You know the answer to that question so there was really no reason to ask it. You know the answer to all of these questions. You're acting like this is rocket science. I feel like you are trying to justify your possible future actions. There is no justification. Even if he lied, why would you want to be with a liar?

    • I've never had sex with him, but I've sent him nudes. I don't know if he's dating someone. But I don't know I don't really care about being in a relationship. I want a fling, but I don't want to hurt this other girl.

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