My girlfriend wrote on a guys wall "you are my beautiful handsome friend" should I be insecure?


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  • Is he gay? Why did she say it?

    • well she wrote it in Spanish to him, she is latina, he is from USA, she said he is just a friend but in English what she wrote "you are my handsome bonita," he is a good looking guy and is friends with her but i just don't think its appropriate to write that, she told me i was crazy and yelled at me, maybe she feels bad, if I wrote that to a girl what would she do, i am sad but also pissed

    • Yea, it's not really right to do that. I don't think she meant anything big by it, or she would have been more private about it so you don't see it, but I do think it is very inconsiderate. As you know, she wouldn't like it if you did it, and in my opinion, anything you wouldn't like yourself in a relationship, you never do to others... she was just being thoughtless.

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  • she said friend not boyfriend :p
    i can understand why you are nervous right now, but i would always trust my girlfriend. i dont think u need to worry


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  • I think feeling insecure is necessary. She's probably just friends with him. Its okay to acknowledge another persons physical attractiveness, so I'm not sure there's much to worry about here 😊


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