Talking to a girl for ages then she makes me feel awful for having a female friend to find out she has been romantically talking to another guy?

i have been talking to a girl for a long time and we had basically identicle lives and she was my type so in my eyes, would love to go out with her, we where super flirty and such but then she finds out i have a female friend from college and gets jelous and makes me feel like shit for it, then i find out after she blocked me that she has been talking to another guy romantically aswell... like what the fuck, how can someone do that and make you feel like shit then smile... especialy after gettting me so interested over a long period of time?

this may be a turn of for a lot of people but I've never had a girlfriend, but that just makes me not want one... hopefully meet an actual nice person :/


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  • Yea she was a player. Players do that. They make you want them and then when you really want them, they randomly shoot you down. But yes She wanted you to only focus on her. Thats why she got jealous of you talking to the other girl

    • I know you didn't have much choice, but thanks for MHO :)

    • xD you're the only person that answered after 2 days so yea... you deserve that >.<

    • Lol I'm scrolling through all of the "No opinions" trying to give most of the questions the replies they deserve

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