What would you rather have happen?

Would you rather have your gf/bf/partner tell you that you need to work on yourself and be spaced away from them for a few days or weeks, or would you rather just say screw it and go find someone else?


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  • Well I think if anyone is going to tell me that I need to work on Myself it should be me, who are they to say what I need to change or alter. It's different if I've done something bad, or have a bad habit that bothers them, I would like them to tell me.

    • Okay, let's say your boyfriend told you that, that you have a bad habit that annoys them or they don't like, such as lying or being manipulative.

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    • Hmm I honestly think it was her way of distancing from you, because she feels that you're manipulative.

    • She just wants me to work on myself, I know she will be around because this girl really likes me. I've been seeing her for a good amount of time. Background story I may have said I don't trust her, which I completely do... my mistake. She was also diagnosed with Hypothyroidism too last week.

  • I would rather the first option. I've already handled that once, I can do it again.

    • So you were dating, had problems and had your boyfriend work on problems instead of breaking up with him? Did you feel like breaking up? What's your reasoning?

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    • How long were you apart for?

    • Two months

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