Could I have some dating advice?

Hey G@Gers, Wall of text incoming

This is just a bit of context to why I'm asking this
I'm English and I live in France, I've been here for 9 years and speak fluently, people don't even know I'm English.
I recently went and spent a weekend with some friends and strangers (it was a multiculteral-Multilingual get together) at an Inn in the countryside.
We had spent the morning hiking, and the afternoon eating and chilling out together. I was talking with a group of people I didn't know and, being very outgoing, I made friends quickly and we were all chatting and joking about.
There was a party, and when I decided to go to bed, I started chatting with the other guy in my room.

He asked me if I'd got a bit of fun out of a girl downstairs, I said no and he was surprised. We talked for a while and I told him that I was a virgin and had only ever had 2 girlfriends (neither relationship laster longer than 3 months). He told me that I was good looking, that I had nice eyes (which some girls have complemented me on before. There are pics of me on a "How do I look" in my profile), if I worked out a bit my body could luck a bit better (love handles and a tummy) He also said that I seemed very confident, seeing as I was talking with plenty of people that I didn't know, and that I had a "Good vibe" about me. None of this was in a "gay" way.

So why don't I have a girlfriend? Whenever I'm talking and hanging out with a girl I like, I'm worried that I'm bothering her, or that she's being nice just to not hurt my feelings. I start to think that she might like me and then, I start questioning myself, I wonder if I'm "making up" the signals that I think I'm seeing,
I don't like going to clubs (I'm more of a meetup with some people in a bar for a chill night). He says that I should "Push" and maybe just ask someone I like if she'd like to go for a drink or go for a meal; I'd really like to.

Has anyone got any advice to throw my way, wether it be general or more specific to my case, I'd appreciate it ^^


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  • "I start questioning myself"
    There you go. You sound like a genuinely kind and empathetic person, which is really awesome. But at the same time, being empathetic means you're noticing a heck of a lot of minute details, causing you overthink small things and maybe even retract away from some people in fear of offending/putting them off. In turn, they might see this as a sign of disinterest from you.
    Generally, girls are really sensitive, and if we see any sort of doubt, we start questioning the situation as well.
    All in all, yeah, just go for it and try to ignore the little annoying voice - worrying less will be a good start.
    Sorry couldn't be much help, but I'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck :)

    • Non you were a great help ^^ I really appreciate it. It's not the first time someones said "Just don't think about it too hard" ^^ I'll get it one day!

    • C: sounds good

  • Chances are if you're not seeing any signals then you're not supposed. Go as you are if a girl is going to like you then she's going to like you for all of you, and if not then find somebody who will.

  • Stop being a weenie and put yourself out there go explore and don't e afraid to talk to people even if they reject you "you miss 100% of shots you don't take"


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