Is this his subtle way to ask me out again?

I have been talking to this guy for a week, had a date, but he hasn't set up any other dates yet. Didn't even mention it.

So during one of our convo where i said Im moving houses, he said "Let me know if you need help I'd be happy to". I thanked him but said "I dont think you will like the cleaning" . he replied "Im used to it haha"

So was he trying to see me again? Or just being nice and polite? I am not sure about his interest level after our first date..


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  • Honestly I'd say he was trying to gauge your level of interest. Maybe you didn't have the first date kiss? Seems like the poor fellow isn't sure if you want that second date.

    • We kissed on the first date and I made him know very well im interested in him.
      However, it's HIM who texted me A LOT less after the first date. He still texts me daily but lot less and no mention of 2nd date, I am very confused.

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    • i got a lot of different opinions on this. but many says the dramatic drop of contact means loss of interest. We used to exchange message all the time but now he would just stop messaging after a few sentanes.
      some people say he's only still texting because he wants to keep me as an opinion and I should def NOT initiate anything at the moment

    • End of the day I think you should be the one to decide what you think it is.

      It could be any of these opinions you know, even mine. Heck for all we know he might just have a busy personal life at the present time. I drop off the face of the earth during exam periods for example. Its just POOF and then there is no Anonymous person on Gag o. O

  • Yeah he wanted to see you again. Spend a little more time with you.


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