Is she going to break up with me soon?

This was her text to me when she asked me if we can talk
"It's just for a while I've been thinking about us and I can't picture us in the future like I don't think that I should feel this way, so I'm just gunna have time to think for a while"

Please tell me if we still have a chance or not. If not I am probably going to ignoring her now. I don't know what to do rn. Girls, why do you guys sent those kind of message?


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  • Send her a long detailed message about how you feel. Make her feel wanted. Then at the end write "I want us to be together, but if you want to move on, I understand." Try that that. I did that and we are in a very happy relationship right now. Stay strong buddy.

  • Last time I heard that line I never saw my ex again.