Why do guys chase after me more when I am slightly mean to them?

I reached a point where I just stopped expecting anything serious to come out of the guys I date. So I stopped making an effort. Now I just let them pay for all our dates, I don't call or text them back often or take ages to reply (sometimes hours), don't do any favours for them, don't say thanks very often (only sometimes), sometimes just daydream while they r talking so I forget whole conversations lol, don't talk much when we r together, let him take the lead all the time and don't make any effort to take initiative or come up with ideas for dates, just let him plan it all.

I do all these things to my current boyfriend of 2.5 months and he treats me like a princess, spoils me and is constantly chasing after me. Do guys like my type of behaviour or something?


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  • I wouldn't say men like this but it's like when you're parents aren't pleased with you and you want to do all you can to make them proud or pleased with you. If you were treating me like that I would be thinking that I was inadequate and want to do more so that I wasn't inadequate in your eyes. Wow, how girls have all the power. . .

  • If the sex is top-quality we'll put up with almost anything.

    Until we get bored and realise you're a disinterested asshole who is wasting our time.


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