What's the best way to lean in for a kiss?

hi, I go school with this boy I really like we have been going out for 4 months now and I am still a bit shy to kiss him I was just wondering how boys like there girls to give them a kiss?


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  • say something cute then maybe push some hair from your eyes or something, then look into our eyes and smile. Then go in for the kiss.


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  • I don't think a kiss should be planed,

    It should just happen ya know?


    But if your shy I'm your case,

    Then try what I do;

    I hug him, or do something to make him hug you,

    And then turn your head twords his while you

    Rest your head on his shoulders and then give him a kiss on

    The cheek.

    And then go for it,

    Now this doesn't always work;

    But good luck

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