Do you ever get so used to hook up culture that slow dating is torture?

I guess I am used to jumping into things. With this new guy his actions show he is into me he comes into work just to see me he works off site so he comes to meet for lunch with me. He meets me for talking after I am off work at the bar and he just drinks water and we talk till 2am and they lock the place up and he walks me to my car and we hug. And I have kissed his cheek lately and he kisses mine after a get together and visit deal. And he messages with me a bunch even through the night. He is open with his Facebook and any messaging he does or responds to he has his screen up at work and uf s message comes up he is like "look this is from a friend bla bla " and I am the same "oh my friend wants me to meet for coffee I haven't seen her since her baby was look how small and look now!" I am totally open.
But there is a ton of tension on my end. I want to hug him and kiss him deep I want to jump out of my skin and wrap myself around him slow is absolutely beautiful. And I feel respected and I cry a little happy tears feeling so blessed. Our worlds over lap beautifully he is a part of every major area of my life my wor life friends my night life friends and my gym life. He even is friends with my stepbrother. Too perfect. Everyone that knows him says he is a gentleman. I know that. But it is torture. Like my heart is in a pressure cooker. It is holding back because I am very expressive and passionate and spring loaded. Wanting to jump up and wrap my arms around him and kiss him against the wall in the elevator or something impulsive but I don't cause it is work. And I don't at the club either and I won't in public because I think he is shy about that. And I know to him he shows things by respecting me and giving me his time. so I guess those things are what he values so I want to reflect that back to him. And I have to tame my beast till a more appropriate time in our togetherness. And this is the very beginning by the way


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  • Sounds like you need to find out mpre about his character. You do sound like a fantastic women to me, pushing guy into the elevator wall and stuff, wow. Lovely


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  • no, because i never allowed myself to get into the hookup culture. it isn't me.