Meeting the right person for you is only based on luck?

meeting the right person for you is only based on luck? I have only been with one guy who i was extremly attracted to, but he wasn't after a relatinship and he was kinda an asshole (thinking about it later on).. It seems like until now i either meet guy with looks or personality.. and the personality rarely if ever come with a attractive apperance..

i have dated too many "kinda attractive" guys (only my fault).. Its hard to belive that its something im doing wrong maybe except from the fact i dont go out that much.. But the cutest guys i have been with i met randomly.. and when i think about it i took the first step those times... maybe i should approach guys more lol


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  • To answer your question, a big fat certain "Yes" is my response.

    And well u should go out and meet more guys to heighthen your chances of meeting another who is right for you.


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