I'm a butch. Actually I look alike a boy, a handsome boy.. but sometimes also Guys wanna date with me, Can anyone tell me why?

I mean, Maybe these guys are gays, and they think that my gender is male, huh?

Im not sure..
(btw, I have a girlfriend now, and that situations make her upset..)

what do you think?

(Am I the only one who is lesbian here?)


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  • Guys will be interested because you are taboo. I'll admit that one time there was this girl who fit this scenario and I thought she was really cool. She was somewhat like one of the guys while still being technically a woman in my eyes. I knew better though and ignored the urge to flirt. That would have been awkward. As far as your girlfriend is concerned, as long as you aren't responding to the flirtation, then it's possibly insecurity that is making her upset. Just reassure her that you have no interest in them. Beyond that, if she is still insecure, maybe she's not ready for a relationship? It depends on how much you are okay with dealing with on that end. Wish you luck. :)


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