Girls, how important is materalistic like how much a guy makes and what kind of car he drives compared to his personality and how he treats you?

Do you feel like a guy needs to have a substantial amount of money and a good personality in order to date you. Or if you could live with one which would you rather have? A guy with money who can support himself and you by buying whatever you want, but he does not really love you he just wants sex. Or a guy who does not have a lot of money right now but he love you and treat you good.


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  • I want a partner, not a sugar daddy. Obviously it's a plus if he can support himself but if he's working his way through college (like me), I won't judge. I don't want a lazy bum with no ambitions but I don't need someone who's loaded either. It can actually be a bit uncomfortable for me when they're trying to impress me or lavish me with gifts 👍 I'd rather date a poor guy with a good heart than a snob. And personality matters a lot honestly.

    • I respect that you want to be an equal partner and not someone who lives off your boyfriend. Very good of you.

    • Thanks 😌

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