Girls, Should I message her while we are unable to meet?

So I met a woman for a drink and it went pretty well as far as I know. She mentioned her work would carry her out of the area for a month and she might be free in between the work week when she was back. I messaged her the next day to see if she wanted to have dinner before going back and she said she would love to. She was unable to be free for that weekend and said she would like to go out again in a month when her out of town work was done if I was still single and interested. I said I would like that and told her to feel free to message me whenever she felt like it and she said I could do the same. The question is, should I message her, or just wait the month out and let me message me if she feels like it. I'm really interested in her, but I don't want to seem desperate by messaging her during a month that she won't be available to meet up. Any single professional women between the ages of 30 and 40 have a comment on this? How would you feel if you were the woman in question and a guy messaged you in this scenario?


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  • Let her get in touch with you. It sounds like a lame excuse