Just married a non US citizen, now what? Please help?

I am a Native American who just married a man here an educational 5 year visa. We've known each other since he's been in the US and we just got married and his I-20 F-1 visa expires in March. I'm trying to fill out all the paperwork for him and I know we have to have an interview with immigration to make sure it's a real marriage and not just one to make him a citizen. If anyone has had any experience with this, can you tell me what forms to fill out? I'm just confused because most people come here on fiance visas, he didn't, he is already legal here temporarily, so google has been a bit confusing and a lawyer is very expensive plus most around my area don't have time for a consulation for a month! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated and I will def be picking a most helpful option! Thank you!!!


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  • Contact the state department help lines and they will help you identify the proper forms.


    Also his consulate may help.

    • And you mean natural born not Native American I assume? What an odd miswording for an American to make. A 'Native American' is the PC term for the original inhabitants of the land before the Europeans came and killed them off through genocide and disease. 😕

    • Thank you for your comment! I will definitely use this and see what forms I need. Yes I am a Native American from the Lumbee and Coharie nations, and also indigenous Mexicana. So yes this is my native lands :-) My husband is from Jordan, and many people mistake and think I'm from Jordan too because of my attributes, but i'm not.

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