Parents, how would you feel if you saw a guy flirting with your daughter? Girls, how would your parents react if you were being approached?

So earlier on today, I was chilling around at this tourist attraction site and when I saw an attractve girl, I immediately went and approached her (because well she was by herself and if I didn't, it would be a stupidly wasted chance).

So I go to her and start talking to her, asked if she could take a picture for me, then we talked a little more... I then turn around and see a man in his 50-60s with another woman about the same age, looking at us in a confused way (they were smiling and then shifting their eye brows). "Oh those are my parents".

I realized that my time was up and I had to go meet my parents and so I said bye bye to her and took off.

As I was walking away, I was wandering if her parents were watching me as I left and I was "wtf :')) " lol.

I wanted to know what they were thinking xD

Guys, would it be acceptable for me to approach a girl even if their parents can see? xD

  • Please. You should be more than welcomed to.
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  • Nah, it's chilled
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  • Yea, it's a little bit of a problem
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  • You'll be murdered if you step closer.
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  • They must have think that their baby girl is growing up, that's all.
    Parents are all different. Some can be a problem, some are just protective and some just let it be.


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