What doest really mean?

If your boyfriend said that he wants to stop talking till he finish exams because he wants to study more?

I said ok but it's hurt I don't know why?


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  • He actually wants to give all his time to study for exams. Don't take it personally. It's not about you. He's struggling hard for every.01% of a grade point he can get.

    • Hope so but I don't know why it hurts! He study all the time but saying not talk bothers me even though we don't talk and plus he's abroad

    • Yes it's hard for you. I was once a pre-medical student and I had to put my girl on "ignore" much more often than I liked. She ended up seeing someone else (I never saw that coming. . . . I was blind).

    • Yeah it's hurt.. And he in the same Dentisery phd thing I know it's hard I Wish he could see it but this's too much would morning hurt or few minutes 😑

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  • That means you are a disturbance...

    • Thanks !! But the problem that he study all the time!!

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