Ladies, how would you feel if I said "thanks for showing your true colors. Looks like I dodged a bullet"?

I went on a date with a girl who acted all interested in me. Then at the end of dinner, she ranto the door while I was left to pay the bill, then she came back and said thank you.
I thought I'd forgive her and sent her a text the next say saying it was lovely to meet her.
She then deleted and blocked me on FB.
I am thinking of sending this text to her - "Thanks for showing your true colors. Looks like I dodged a bullet". She probably wouldn't give a fk. But what would other girls think, just curious.


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  • I think you should voice your opinion! Have people lost all sense of being polite and having manners regardless of interest? Tell her how you feel, but don't let it turn to drama. Say your thoughts and leave it at that.

    • it sure seems like it huh? it's depressing. respect, consideration, politeness, and principle no longer matter in an era where people feel they're entitled to be happy.

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