What is there best way to ask someone out without being wordy. just direct?

I notice people give advice that seems unnecessary. like leading up to it or asking if the person likes anyone or just being flirty.

i jusat want a direct example of asking someone out. that doesn't involve food.

thank you:)

were not strangers., we hang out, but i like him more than friends, i think. or i want to find out.


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  • "Do [not would, because implies it may or may not happen] you want to go on a date [and hopefully you can say a specific day, or not, either way leaves opportunity for the girl to fuck with you. If you say a specific day, she'll be like 'oh I'm busy that day' and then it seems like the end of it. But if you don't say a day, then it'll be vague and you won't know what's happening.]

    On the other hand, guys don't play these fucking tricks nearly as much, so you should be fine just asking if they wanna go on a date.

    • unfortunately I've asked guy out specifically just to have him act confused, or ask what i wanted. which feels like a game bc i just told him didn't i.. so i want to be clear but i dont see how to be any clearer. there's not much more i can say if we not know each other well enough to know more.

      if someone says they are busy though they'll either offer another time, or its there way of saying 'no' right? I've tired not giving a time just to make sure they are not just saying they are busy to say no. but id rather give a time, bc that way as you say i know whats going on.

    • Really the only reason he would act confused is because he's trying to avoid your question because he doesn't like you. Or he's just a dumbass.

      Busy can equal no, but I was super persistent with my crush so she eventually said yes. I mean, she really WAS busy, with working and being on the soccer team. If they say they're busy on the first time you suggest, then ask another time. If they don't say yes to that, then they''re probably trying to reject you.

    • right id agree,
      but lets say they act confused and or say they are bust twice, but also ask you out after.. in both cases?

      i dont think its rejection but it still doesn't feel right.

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  • I'd really like to spend some time with you..
    Do you like coffee
    Have you got any free time soon.

  • "Hey, would you like to go on a date with me?"
    "Hey, what type of date would you like to go on with me?" If you want to be confident with it.


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