If someone is on your FB and you went on a date with them but they didn't give you any signs that it went crap, is deleting you off FB immature?

Is it not better for them to just say something "Sorry, I don't think things will work out. Thanks for your time" than to delete AND block them off FB? Why would people do that?


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  • Why dwell on it? That person does not want to deal with you. Instead of wasting your time on people who want to ignore you, focus on the people who want and appreciate your time.


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  • Seeing as I was just briefly dating someone and completed the somewhat immature act of deleting him, can definitely fill you in on why I did it.

    I liked him and was worried, worried about getting hurt, as he had already began disappointing me in simple ways.

    He posted a sexiest comment stating women are only good for their looks and their "stock decreases" with age.

    Would never comprise my morals for anyone, so I deleted him, but was polite enough to follow up with a text.


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  • Try to turn it around and honestly think how you would respond? Not everyone thinks the same way though, so even then it might not be a helpful exercise.
    Honestly speaking, women will often make a decision about a guy within the first few seconds to minutes of a date. I've only had one woman honestly tell me in the beginning of a date that she didn't think it was going to work out. It was awkward as hell, but I genuinely appreciated it. Kudos to her. The thing to realize though is that she is the exception, not the rule. Most women who have mentally removed a guy from the "I'm interested" column will continue to try to enjoy the date anyway. As guys, our ego will often tell us this is a positive sign that she is into us. So the first step is realizing that the first date is only for sizing up interest, not a guaranteed sign of it.
    The second thing to realize is that while most people want to avoid rejection, they also want to avoid rejecting. Especially women for a number of reasons. If she mentally rejected you, she simply found it easier to let you know by removing you from her social life in order to not have to deal with rejecting you. Especially if in her past she has rejected someone and they resisted with whining, begging, stalking etc...
    So is it immature? Maybe. But ask yourself this: If you weren't into a girl after a date and she texted you several times, would you honestly respond, or would you avoid the text? Same principle and we are all guilty of it sometimes I think.

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