He asked me out , I was supposed to tell him when I was free on holidays but I didn't , how can I fix it?

I know probably thinks i don't care or that i'm not interested..
Do you think i still have a chance? what should i do? I really want to fix it but i'm way too pride.. :/


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  • If you're too prideful to be vulnerable to another person... well, you'll never have a successful relationship. You need to get over yourself.

    • I fear rejection.. what if he lost interest? what should i do?

    • Well, rejection is the risk you have to take. You are simply going to have to talk to him. If he lost interest... well, there's nothing you can do about that, but at least you'd know.

      Don't make a big deal about it. Just say something like "hey, things got really busy around the holidays, sorry we didn't have a chance to talk... So we should correct that. Are you available anytime this weekend?"

      Maybe give a specific time or two.

      The worst that can happen is him saying no. You might cry a little, but that's nothing a little time and chocolate won't fix. Best case, he says yes, and you still get chocolate.

    • You are right , i will give it a try !
      thank you , good night :)

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