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So this guy asked me out on Sunday and he took me to this fun place, he introduced me to he's family they asked if I was he new girl he responded not yet, the car ride was good everything was good, when he dropped me home the kiss was great, he was messaging me yesterday all day but now today nothing I don't understand what happened should I message him

He also held my hand in public, and opened the car door for me and when we said good bye he told me thank you for a great night, any thoughts I'm really lost


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  • Well I feel like if a guy was going to respond like that, I would question why I was meeting his family if he didn't really think of me as his girl yet... "not yet" I would kind of feel uncomfortable to be honest. Ask him what he wants and tell him that you like where it's going however you want to know when its due.

  • Yes and ask whats up?

  • Wait till he messages you.