Is he playing me?

Was with a guy for 6'moths I called it off... He was clearly affected by it because he wanted a reaction and would text to argue, I was only scared of falling in love and freaked out. It's been over for 3 month I've said I wanted him back.

We we agred loads, then have a lovely coversation and then argue over feelings again.

he's been with other People to since that's makes me feel sick. But I wants with him.

Weve been talking again, he'd drunk text me a lot, text about memories and thing that reminded me of him.

but he's being hot and cold... But has also adimited he's fallen for me. And he's so insecure about girls and trust that's he's never just say it.

he says he can't cope with me and situations and that things are more complicated than that? What's so complicated?

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  • yes lol.


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