What happened, did I do something?

Went on a type of date on Sunday, and he took me to this arcade it was good fun, when we finished he took me to max brenner he wouldn't let me pay, when we finished he held my hand and walked me to his car, that was nice, he drove around showed me around he's place and stuff he went to gake me to his sisters and when he stopped at the light he kissed me unexpectedly, we arrived at he's sisters place and they ask am I he's new girl I replied no Coz were not really together but he replied not yet. We left there shortly after and I asked him let's go back to your look out that was nice and he looked so happy that I asked that it was fun when we were up there talking everything, then car ride back was good to I grabbed he's arm and was gonna go to sleep he gave me this look and kissed me hand and forehead and told me this was nice. And when he dropped me off at mine and I kissed him good bye he told me thank you for a good night and the kiss was something. He texted me all day the next day asking that he wants to talk to my dad coz I lied to them to chill with him so I asked my dad and he's was kinda ok with it and when I told him well he hasn't really texted me at all today. What happened


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