Guys, what's types of traits keep you interested when dating a new woman?

Sex goes without saying, but before you get to that point, there's usually a few dates in between... what keeps you interested in continuing to see her before sex?


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  • I find girls like to play a hard to get game cause they want to be chased. I have little time for B. S. so I like a gal who shows a little interest. It can be as little as just sending the first text or phone call, just something to let me know I'm not wasting my time.

    • Excellent! Just what I needed to hear thank you. :)

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    • Turns out he wasn't interested. I asked him if he would like to see me again and he said he had a good time with me, but "didn't feel a connection." Is it bad that I want to call him an asshole for practically leading me on?

    • Naw, he's not an ass unless he did all intentional and junk. He was pretty straight up with you.
      Wish him the best in his search, and continue with yours. You'll find chemistry with someone.

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  • Being a Scorpio its how she feels and how she thinks and her secrets

    • So I'm assuming you are referring to yourself asa Scorpio as well? That would explain why you are interested in the mysterious ways of a woman lol

    • Yes I'm very Scorpio.

  • someone w/ a distinct passion, and the courage to peruse it.

    • Any type of passion that intrigues you particularly?

    • lawl @ peruse...


      it doesn't matter. last grl i dated was obsessed with botany/gardening. loved it. we'd go on walks and she had many interesting things to say on the various trees, flowers, and fruit around. a world once invisible to me.

  • Good looking
    Good healty
    fresh breath
    nice smile


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