What does he mean?

So my boyfriend says I deserve better. That he feels that he is not the boyfriend material that I look for at times.
I asked some guy friends and they think it's a compliment. I looked it up and it all says he wants to break up so he's pulling a coward move by saying that.
But i'm not satisfied with any of those answers. So I didn't reply to him for a while. My friend told me go an entire day without speaking to him. I tried but I caved and texted him. I asked him if this means he wants to break up and he said no. I mean of course there are somethings I wish he would do but that's just the way he is and i'm okay with that. Nobody is perfect and I told him that I wouldn't be with him if I thought I deserved better. Turns out he was just expressing his feeling. But somehow I don't know if he really means what he said or if their is some secret meaning to it. I know guys are pretty simple, or at least they all try to tell you that, but does anybody have any ideas?

Girls, has a guy ever told you this?
Guys, have you ever told a girl this? ... What did you mean when you said it/why did you say it?
or do you think you know what he means?

Am I crazy for thinking this and asking this question?



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  • No, I have always been single and so I have never told that to a woman. However in your case I can only think of a couple of things,

    1. I think your guy's confidence level has just fallen down a bit, it can happen sometimes in life where a person's confidence in themselves comes down a bit, I mean as you said nobody is perfect and so nobody can have 100% confidence all the time, after all he is also human.

    2. He might have come across other guys, men whom you may not know but who might be either better looking (physical) compared to him, so he thinks that you might get attracted to them at some point so you will lose your attraction for him in that process. Of course this may not happen, you may not be even knowing other guys, but this is most probably a pure assumption on his part. I think it might be his inner fear. Hence he thinks that one day the inevitable will happen ( break up) and so he was telling you that " you deserve better".

    Of course I am not saying that he wants to break up with you, I am sure that is not the reason but the point is his confidence level has come down for some reason, of course it's only temporary but can't say how long it will last. Hence why don't you help him get his confidence back again?, help him feel better about himself?, make him feel like a man ( again)? makes sense?

    Have a discussion with him on this one, be polite.


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  • please, don't worry that much! My boy told me that once - so that was a compliment ) just tell him that you love him !


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