Is it bad if I want to flirt with her?

I had a friendly date last night, I know it's just a friendly date because she is taken, so she asked me out for a dinner and I agreed, she told me she wanted to talk to me personal because she had fun chatting on me on fb... we had a good time knowing each other... but I have this desire to put my hand on the small of her back, lightly hold her arms and touch a bit when talking... but I never did that because I'm afraid plus she might think I'm hitting on her.

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  • Lol well if she has a boyfriend there's not much you can do bro.

    • Ohh so I did the right thing I suppose, gladly I was able to control my urge to touch her... I'm just confused

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    • Yeah they do.

    • I don't know, I'm sure that no girl has showed me interest except the girl who ask me out but I know I have to know my limits as a friend.