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I've been dating my boyfriend about three weeks. We work for the same company and first met a year ago but he was to shy to ask me out. He lives out of state (few hour drive ) we talk and Skype everyday and he visits me when he can. He is about 9years older than me and he's so different from any guy I've dated in the past. He is more on my level besides being so sweet and just considerate. He makes me happy and makes me feel good about myself I like him so much , but he told me he is already falling in love with me. The other night he flat out told me he loves me. We have slept together already, but I'm kind of nervous because I don't know if it could be ulterior motives (which I don't think ) or maybe he is very I don't know clingy. He told me he is mine forever and we have talked about in time seeing what happens in the future with him moving here. I can see myself with him in the future is this soon? What do you all think?


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  • well according to you he has all the qualities and values that you're looking for in a I assume lifelong relationship. when you say dating for the last 3 weeks I assume there was an unconditional friendship to begin with so without that piece of information it's hard to gauge whether or not three weeks is sufficient for moving to the next level in relation. and if he's older than you by 9 years that's a plus most mature men know what they want and put in their dues gain the experience and have the wisdom bring to a relationship generally speaking there are exceptions.


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