I don't know how to feel about this?

I met the love of my life 5 months ago. We have been happy together since we met, it's my first relationship and I'm over joyed with him. The only problem is we met on Tinder I always thought I would have some big romantic story and feel a little sad that we don't have a cute meeting story. I feel really lame that my first relationship came from the internet. Should I break up with him? What do I do?


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  • You're just being immature here. How does it even matter? He is the love of your life. Love is a 'privilege', and not everyone gets it. So relish and value what you have got, irrespective of the source.

    • It's just stupid and awkward when I say we met online and everyone else in our friend group met in person he even met his ex in person he and his ex have a better meeting story than we do

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    • I did it as a joke and honestly I never thought it was going to go anywhere, I had tinder for the purpose of entertaining me through the summer then he actually wanted to talk and hang out and I really like him I just feel embarrassed that his whole family knows he met me online, like online dating is for losers who can't get dates in real life I was using it for a joke but he seemed cool and I liked being around him and here we are now I feel like everyone looks at me funny when I say we met on there and like I see their reactions it's as if I just told them I murder people for a living they become ashamed and I'm ashamed it's awkward and embarassing. Everyone else has a normal relationship and it sucks cause I love him a lot I just am ashamed to ever marry him or have kids because I don't want them asking where we met

    • You're just over-thinking it. I know that first love can be scary, but you're taking it too far. Just enjoy each other's company and love. Forget about how you met him, it DOES NOT matter.

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  • Life isn't a fairytale d*mbass.

  • Are you crazy? If you are happy stay with him and if it work really well for you two you will be one of those rare couples that meet in the internet and actually worked!!! (it's rare) Take this as a compliment and be proud that you know how to pick up your mens even in the internet!! ;)

    Sorry for my English

    • That was excellent English so don't apologize :) and thank you I just feel like a loser saying that we met online we don't have this cute story that most real couples do it just makes me think my relationship is invalid

    • Thank you , and it's more then valid because you don't know how many people are struggling to even get a date offline, but most people online are searching for a serious relationship so it's okay, you are part of the lucky ones 😁

    • Thank you! :)