This guy I had sex with is sending me mixed signals. May someone clarify things up for me & tell me what I need to do?

This guy (21) & I (21) met a week ago. We had sex twice, once on New Years eve and then again on the following Sunday (a week before yesterday Sunday).

We meet, watch a movie, talk a little, have sex, and that's it. He offered dinner once, but I waved it off

his last sexual encounter was about 3 months ago. Mine was too. He asked me why I had chosen him to have sex with because he thinks I'm gorgeous and must have guys after me a lot. I do, but I really think this guy and I are compatible (sexually.) And he's super clean. healthy and an athlete, normal college dude.

The thing is, I want to see him again and again but I don't want to keep initiating it.. I initiated Sunday's and he was like yeah! And was all gung-ho. This past weekend he was busy with an athletic meet.. So he said he couldn't meet up when I asked him since he was not at his place. I then said I would be free later this week maybe, and he said we should hang! :) and I sent "would Friday or Thursday work?" And he never responded... And I sent it yesterday morning. He looks at my snapchat stories (I don't send any to him). I look at his. Our last snap chat was last Friday.. I sent him a hey while in bed, he responded hours later with the same thing.

Do I need to stop talking to him? Like I keep initiating it but he's always like yeah! Then follows through. I don't get why he never responded to my last text .. I want to get it onnnn with him again :( but I don't know if he just viewed it as a 2 time thing now he's done?


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  • Girls like you make no sense. You cheapen yourself and make yourself look easy and then get frustrated when the guy doesn't care. Lmao. He doesn't have to answer your text. You're just somebody to get his rocks off. You're not important in his life, he'll answer when he wants to, deal with it.

    • Why is it cheapening myself if I want to have sex without any strings attached? Smh

    • Oh honey, you met a stranger a week ago and already let him f*ck you. It would be different if you knew this guy for awhile, or were friends before. You're cheap and that's the message you gave him.

    • I'm not cheap. And how dare you call me cheap when all humans are golden. You're disgusting.

  • do u want to be in relationships with him? just tell him u want? be honest with him! you are a big girl )